how many calories do you burn in an ice bath

Ice Baths: A Chilling Way to Burn Calories

With a growing emphasis on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, numerous health and fitness strategies have come into play. One such unconventional method involves the use of cold or ice baths.

Although the idea of immersing oneself in frigid water may seem daunting, it presents an intriguing question, "Do ice baths burn calories?"

To begin, it's crucial to understand that the human body functions optimally at around 98.6°F. When it is exposed to colder temperatures, it responds by trying to maintain this internal heat, triggering a process known as thermogenesis.

ice bath calories burn

Cold Water and Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis refers to heat production in organisms, and it occurs in brown fat cells. Unlike white fat cells, which store energy, brown fat cells function to generate heat. They are packed with numerous mitochondria, often referred to as the "powerhouses of the cell." These mitochondria allow brown fat cells to burn calories and produce heat.

When you plunge into an ice bath, your body's immediate reaction is to maintain its core temperature. To achieve this, it taps into the energy stored in white fat cells, leading to calorie burn.

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Brown Fat Activation

Researchers have discovered that cold exposure stimulates the activity of brown fat cells4. In response to the cold, these cells begin burning energy at a higher rate, leading to increased calorie burn. The more active these cells, the more calories you burn.

Furthermore, cold exposure, such as immersion in an ice bath, could potentially aid in the transformation of white fat cells into "beige" fat cells, which function similarly to brown fat cells. This browning of white fat cells could further enhance the calorie-burning process.

Caloric Burn from Ice Baths

The concept of burning calories in a bath full of ice water may seem far-fetched. However, a cold bath for about 10 minutes could burn a substantial number of calories, according to some sources. The exact amount of calories burned varies based on several factors, including body composition, water temperature, and the length of exposure.

While this might sound appealing, it's essential to note that taking ice baths should be done cautiously and always under professional supervision. If done incorrectly, they could lead to hypothermia.


To sum up, ice baths can indeed contribute to calorie burn by activating brown fat cells and triggering thermogenesis. However, they should not be seen as a standalone solution for weight loss. Instead, they could be used as a supplementary technique within a well-rounded health and fitness routine.

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