Diameter: 32 inches (80cm)
Height: 29 inches (72cm)
Weight: 7 lb (3 kg)
Capacity: 79 gal (300L)
Suitable for heights up to 6′9 foot (2.1m)
What is the recommended duration for each ice bath session?
For optimal health benefits, aim to immerse yourself in cold water below 59° Fahrenheit (15°C) for a period of three to eight minutes. It's essential to remember that individual tolerance to cold varies, and the most effective results are achieved by finding the right balance between time and temperature.
What is the suggested temperature for the ice bath?
If you are new to the world of cold immersion, we recommend starting your journey with a water temperature of around 59° Fahrenheit (15°C). Over time, gradually reduce the temperature and lengthen each session to allow your body to adapt to the cold.
How much ice should I add to the Polar Pod?
We recommend adding between 13-26 lb (6-12kg) of ice per Polar Pod session. The precise amount of ice required will depend on the temperature of your tap water and your personal cold preference. For those residing in colder climates, you may find that adding ice is not necessary. The insulation of the Pod maintains the cold temperature of the water for several days, limiting the need for frequent ice additions after the first use.
How can I drain the Ice Pod?
The Polar Pod comes with a convenient tap at the bottom for easy draining. Depending on where you have set up your Pod, you can either connect a standard garden hose to the tap or simply open the tap for draining.
How often should I clean or empty the Ice Pod?
For maintaining clean water over an extended period, we suggest adding 1 lb to 2 lb of sea salt (500g to 1kg). If you use salt, the water in the Pod can remain fresh for three to four weeks. On the other hand, if you are not using any salt, we recommend cleaning the Pod every three to five ice bath sessions.
Can the Ice Pod be Set Up Outdoors?
Absolutely! Our Polar Pod is designed to be weather and UV resistant. Feel free to set it up indoors or outdoors, even in sub-freezing temperatures. The insulation layer slows down water's freezing process, but we still advise stirring the water at least once a day to prevent it from freezing solid.
Is the Polar Pod suitable for all body sizes?
Yes, indeed! The Ice Pod is designed to accommodate users up to 6ft 9in tall, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of cold water immersion comfortably. Its spacious design means you don't have to compromise on your immersion experience.
How durable is the Ice Pod?
Our Polar Pod is built to last. It's made from high-quality, durable materials that withstand regular use and varying weather conditions. With proper care, the Polar Pod will be your wellness companion for many years to come.
  • Instant Energy Boost

    Swap the espresso for a chilly dip! Ice baths provide a revitalizing kick-start to your day or a mid-afternoon energy surge.

  • Improved Recovery and Performance

    Ice baths aren't just for pro athletes. Dive into cold water therapy and enhance your muscle recovery and overall physical performance.

  • Fortified Immune System

    A cold plunge stimulates the production of infection-fighting white blood cells and promotes lymphatic detoxification. Enhance your body's natural defenses and stay healthier with regular ice baths.

  • Motivation Surge

    Increase your dopamine levels - the brain's motivation molecule - with cold therapy. It's a natural way to focus better and kickstart action towards achieving your goals.

  • Naturel Pain Relief

    Experience up to 5 times more norepinephrine production, a neurotransmitter that reduces inflammation and aids in managing chronic pain, through regular ice baths.

  • Mood Elevation

    Ice baths could be your ticket to happiness! By enhancing dopamine production, cold plunges can alleviate depression symptoms and lift your mood.

  • Stress Reduction

    Douse stress hormones with a plunge into cold water. Regular ice baths have shown to decrease cortisol levels, reducing anxiety and improving mood.

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality

    Control your stress responses and improve relaxation with regular dips into the PolarPod. Achieve better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

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